IMPACT Climate Change

This bicoastal exhibition features thought-provoking contemporary tapestry from members of Tapestry Weavers West (TWW) & Tapestry Weavers in New England (TWiNE). The 28 artists in the show use abstract and narrative imagery to depict the far-reaching impact of climate change. Juried by Deborah Corsini, Alex Friedman, and Kerri Hurtado of Artsource Consulting.


September 8 — October 13, 2019

Belmont Gallery of Art
Homer Building
19 Moore Street
Belmont Center, MA

Reception: September 15, 1-3pm

December 16, 2019 — March 13, 2020

Mills Building
220 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA

Reception: January 30, 2020, 5:30-7:30pm


Janet Austin, Nicki Bair, Don Burns, Barbara Burns, Bobbi Chamberlain, Deborah Corsini, Sharon Crary, Marcia Ellis, Alex Friedman, Susan Gangsei, Madelaine Georgette, Tricia Goldberg, Janette Gross, Lyn Hart, Stephanie Hoppe, Barbara Levine, Laura Kamian McDermott, Yonat Michaelov, Beth Minear, Sonja Miremont, Patricia Nelson, Sue Pretty, Minna Rothman, Care Standley, Kathe Todd-Hooker, Sarah Warren, Sue Weil, Ama Wertz

Images above: Sue Pretty, Not a Hoax, 2018; Janette Gross, Icebreak, 2018; Lyn Hart, cielo sin alas, 2019; Barbara Levine, Heliconius, 2016; Patricia Nelson, Colors of the Wind, 2018


Work for this exhibition was selected by Deborah Corsini and Kerri C. Hurtado of Artsource Consulting from submissions by Tapestry Weavers West members, and a selection of this exhibition was also on view at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles alongside American Tapestry Biennial 11.

Images (l-r): Katie Alcorn, Alex Friedman, Sonja Miremont, Deborah Corsini, Lyn Hart, Patricia Nelson, Marcia Ellis, Michael F. Rohde


Exhibition catalogs are sold out but available to purchase on demand from Blurb.com 



2017     Elemental Tapestry: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, CA

Member work culled from the 2016 Mills Building show by Deborah Corsini


2016     Elemental Tapestry: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

Mills Building, San Francisco, CA

Juried by Deborah Corsini and Kerri Hurtado of Artsource Consulting


2014     Water, Water, Tapestry Weavers West Annual Show

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), Oakland, CA

Juried by Joyce Hulbert


2013     Tapestry Alights on the Central Coast

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, CA

Juried and Curated by Ruta Salikis


2011     Interconnections: Tapestry Weavers West

Mills Building, San Francisco, CA

Curated by Kerri Hurtado and Deborah Corsini


2010     Shining Brightly: Tapestry Weavers West 25 Years

Petaluma Art Center , Petaluma, CA

Curated by Sonja Miremont, Jan Langdon, and Nancy Jackson

   Tapestry Weavers West Celebrates 25 Years

Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

Juried by Sonja Miremont, Jan Langdon, and Nancy Jackson


2008     Tapestry Weavers West Members' Showcase

Craft & Cultural Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA

Curated by Deborah Corsini, Tricia Goldberg, Care Standley


            2005     Tapestry Weavers West Celebrates 20 Years, Exhibit and Symposium

Nexus Gallery, Berkeley, CA                                                 

Juried by Suzanne Baizerman                


            2003     Tapestry Today

Soundscape Gallery, Santa Rosa, CA


2000     Pacific Edge                                                           

Coos Bay Museum, Coos Bay, OR           

              Off the Loom                                                                       

Olive Hyde Art Gallery, Fremont, CA                                                                       

Juried by Care Standley                                                           


1999     Pacific Edge           

Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA           

Juried by Archie Brennan, Susan Maffei


1998     Embedded Edges: Tapestries of the West Coast

Sinclair Community College Gallery, Dayton, OH

Juried by Lillian Tyrrell           


1996     Diversity in Tapestry

Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA                                                           

Juried by Ellen Athens, Betty Hilton-Nash, Sue O’Meara

             Strands of Time

Margo Jacobsen Gallery, Portland, OR


1994     Ten Contemporary Tapestry Artists

McKesson Plaza, San Francisco, CA

Invitational Exhibit

              Contemporary Tapestry, 1990 to the Present           

California Crafts Museum, San Francisco, CA           

 Curated by Joyce Hulbert, Margery Livingston                                                           


1993     Tapestry Weavers West Members Exhibit

Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA                                   

             Contemporary Tapestry

Rosicrucian Museum, San Jose, CA           

Curated by Susan Wageman


1992     Crafts Information Alliance

California Crafts Museum, San Francisco, CA

Invitational Exhibit

              Sense of Future Past

Shaklee Building, San Francisco

Curated by Suzie Locke


1991     A Sense of Place

Marin Art and Garden Center, Ross, CA

Juried by Mark Adams, Katherine Kilgore

            West Coast Tapestry

Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

Curated by Carl Wirth

             Tapestries in Place

Gensler and Associates, San Francisco, CA

Selections made by Gensler and Associates


1990     Risk Factors

Littman Gallery, Portland, OR

Juried by Archie Brennan, Christine Laffer


1988     TWW II

Kaiser Corporation, Oakland, CA

Juried by Jeanne Warren

            TWW Group Show

The Art Center, Eureka, CA

Juried by Wendy Watkins-Stewart


1987     TWW Invitational

Scheuer Tapestry Studio, New York, NY

Juried by Ruth Scheuer

             TWW I

Gallery One, San Jose, CA

Organized by Christine Laffer                                   

             TWW I

Fiberworks, Berkeley, CA

Organized by Care Standley

             TWW Group Show

Lincoln Plaza Gallery, Sacramento, CA                                                           

Organized by Elaine Ireland

             TWW Group Show                

The Art Center, Eureka, CA

Juried by Wendy Watkins-Stewart