TAPESTRY: For two thousand years imagination has been spurred by the tales told by tapestries: unicorns, hunting scenes, thousand flowers, the myths, magic, and life of medieval times. This art of wool, silk, and cotton continues to enchant as contemporary tapestry again adorns walls with its warmth, color, and vision.

Contemporary American Tapestry developed from the European revival of the 1950s and from the fiber arts movement of the 1960s. Today the work continues to evolve in the hands of artists who create their art on the loom.

A group of tapestry artists working in San Francisco felt the need for increased dialogue. TAPESTRY WEAVERS WEST came into being at an informal gathering in October 1985. Its membership now extends beyond the Bay Area to include people up and down the West coast and across the US and Canada.

TAPESTRY WEAVERS WEST promotes the art of contemporary tapestry through its regular exhibitions, quarterly meetings, and newsletters. Members are invited to share their work, attend tapestry related lectures, and keep an online presence through the website and social media sites.