TAPESTRY WEAVERS WEST has been meeting quarterly since 1985. Meetings generally occur the 3rd Saturday of the month (January, March, May, September) and have taken place at various spots including member studios, art exhibitions, museums, fairs, and field trips. 


January 26  Show & Tell, Alex Friedman’s studio, Sausalito, CA
March 9  Virginia Davis, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, and Gyöngy Laky lecture, Creating Uncommon Threads, de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA
May 18  Design, Inspiration, and Process discussion, Deborah Corsini, Pacifica, CA
September 21 Lecture by Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco: Henry VIII and the Art of Majesty: Tapestry at the Tudor Court, de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA


January 20  Show & Tell, Sonja Miremont, Petaluma, CA
March 17  Sue Weil presentation and studio tour, San Rafael, CA
May 19  Alex Friedman lecture Journey Along the Warp, de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA
September 15 Windrush Farm wool and farm tour, Petaluma, CA


January 29  Lia Cook lecture + Contemplating the Sublime, ATA Biennial 11 + Elemental Tapestry Opening Reception, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, CA
March 19  Alex Friedman lecture "Rhythm and Hues: A Closer Look at Woven Patterns" + reception for Embedded Pattern: Three Approaches, a show of work by Deborah Corsini, Alex Friedman, and Michael Rohde, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, CA
May 20  Show & Tell, Care Standley, Albany, CA
September 23  Deborah Corsini presentation and lecture "Interconnections: My Woven Story," her work and studio, Pacifica, CA


January 16  Show & Tell, Ilana Bar-David, San Francisco, CA
March 12  "Neighborhoods Coming Together: Quilts Around Oakland," Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland, and Laney College
April 23  Field trip to Los Angeles Golden Threads exhibition at the Getty, Broad Museums and more LA galleries
May 21  Laura Kamian McDermott, her work and studio presentation, Richmond, CA
September 17 Yoshiko Wada lecture Kitsch to Art Moderne: Meisen Kimono in the First Half of Twentieth Century Japan and viewing of Kay Sekimachi: Student, Teacher, Artist exhibition at the de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA 


January 24  Show & Tell, Maj-Britt Mobrand, Berkeley
March 21  Care Standley, her work and studio, Albany
May 16  Mary Zicafoose talk at the de Young Museum (+3 day workshop in Sausalito)
September 19   Sonja Miremont, her work and studio, Petaluma, CA


January   Show & Tell, Maj-Britt Mobrand, Berkeley
March 14  "The Shaped Tapestries of Jan Moore," Oakland, CA
May 17  D.Y.Begay talk on her Navajo weavings at de Young Museum; 
May 18  Screening of Weaverly Path (Sylvia Heyden) at Tricia Golberg’s
September 20  The Tree of Lives: Adventures Between Warp and Weft. Presentation of new book by Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie


January 19  Show & Tell, Maj-Britt Mobrand, Berkeley
March 17  “Wedge Weave/ Eccentric Weave,” Deborah Corsini, Pacifica, CA
May 17  Textile Conservation Lab at de Young Museum with Sarah Gates, Conservator
September 13  "New Work by Christine Laffer,” her work and studio, San Jose, CA


February 18  Ann Hedlund Talk on Gloria F. Ross, ICB Sausalito, CA
March 16  Show & Tell at Tricia Goldberg, Berkeley, CA
May 20  Mark Adams Retrospective at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
September 15  Constance Hunt’s presentation on Mark Adams, Hosted by Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie


January 15  Show & Tell at Kay Kent’s, Berkeley CA
March 19  Evolution: From Lausanne to Beijing – The International Fiber Art Exhibition, Presentation by Deborah Corsini, Pacifica, CA
May 21  Sonja Miremont Studio, Petaluma, CA
September 24-25  TWW Retreat at Jackie Wollenberg’s – weave name tags


January 10  Petaluma Arts Center Talk by Alex Friedman on TWW exhibit
March 13  Show & Tell at Kay Kent’s, Berkeley CA
May 22   “Conservation of Antique Textiles” talk by Joyce Hulbert, Berkeley, CA
September 25  Variations on a Theme: Achieving Through Repetition by Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie


January 17  Show & Tell at Kay Kent’s, Berkeley CA
March 21  Meeting at Sonya Miremont’s, Petaluma, CA
May 16  Alex Friedman; her work and studio, Sausalito, CA
September 19  “MAIZ” small format exhibition presentation by Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie, Berkeley


January 19  Show & Tell at Kay Kent’s, Berkeley CA
March 15  Judith Hilburg, Textile Collector at Judith’s heritage home in Vallejo CA
May 17  A Century of Color: Mayan Weaving, Kathleen Vitale, Berkeley, CA
September 20  Weaving Matters: Personal Journals from the Loom, Larochette Studio, Berkeley, CA


January 20   Nancy Jackson Tapestries at Kay Kent’s, Berkeley CA
March 17  DeYoung Behind-the-Scenes; a look at 20 tapestry related textiles
May 19  ATB6 Show & Presentations by Christine Laffer, Tricia Goldberg and Deborah Corsini at San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
September 15  Jan Langdon at her home/studio in Point Reyes Station


January 21 Show & Tell, Kay Kent’s, Berkeley CA
March 18  Jacquetta Nisbett: Navajo Style, Point Arena, CA
May 20  Maj-Britt Mobrand: Her Work and Studio, Berkeley CA
September 16  Deborah Corsini: Eccentric Wedge Weave, Pacifica CA


January 15  Show & Tell
March 19  Report: Larochette Retreat in Mexico & Nexus Show Details
May 21  TWW Nexus Show & Symposium Planning
September17  Larochette: Tours and Arts & Crafts Coop/Gallery in El Tuito, Mexico, plus Show ‘n’ Tell from all attendees, Berkeley CA
November 19  Scholarship Recipients (Elaine Todd Stevens & Christina Rasmussen) present their experiences from the workshop part of the TWW Symposium in May. Also, Guest Marti Fleischer updated us on her work.


January 17  Show & Tell
March 20 “Color Story - A Journey: Deborah Corsini’s Studio & Work, Pacifica, CA
May 15  Janet Moore’s Studio & Work, Oakland CA
September 18  Larochette Studio: Larochette’s Tour of Tapestry in France, Berkeley CA
November 20 Tricia Goldberg’s Studio & Work, Berkeley CA


January 18  Show & Tell
March 15  Report: Let Every Thread Bear Witness: El Tuito, Mexico, with the Larochette’s
May 16-18  TWW Mendocino Retreat
September 20  Larochette Studio: Aubusson Today, Berkeley CA
November 15  Jacquetta Nisbet “Rub Your Head and Pat Your Tummy”  


January 19  Show & Tell
March 16  Joyce Hulbert: The Yoga of the Thread, a talk and tour at her home and studio in Berkeley
May 18  Jean Pierre and Yael Larochette: A Talk and Cutting Off I, Berkeley CA
September 21  Jean Pierre and Yael Larochette: A Talk and Cutting Off II, Berkeley CA
November 16  Cecilia Christensen: Narrative Tapestries


January 20 Show & Tell: Constance Hunt: Current Work
March 17  Constance Hunt: Mandalas
May 5 & 6  Southern California: Getty Research Library and Museum, UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History and/or The Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Los Angeles County Museum of Contemporary Art. Hosted by Merna Strauch
September 15  Marcia Ellis: Penland School of Crafts with Archie Brennan and Susan Maffei
November 17 Brainstorming: TWW Group Tapestry


January 15 Show & Tell
March 18  SF Museum of Modern Art for “Tradition Meets Technology” symposium
April 29  Baiarma Dambieva: Russian Tapestry Weaver from Buryatia in Eastern Russia and her use of horse hair as tapestry fiber
September 22  Olive Hyde Show: Lucia’s Restaurant in Fremont
November 18  Constance Hunt: Her art therapy master’s thesis on quilts


January 17 Board Meeting
March 21  Care Standley: Text & Tapestry
July 31  Board Meeting
September 11  Archie Brennan & Susan Maffei: Current Tapestry Work


January 17  Show & Tell
March 31  Penny Schoner: Navajo Blankets
May:  Cancelled
October 3  Joyce Hulbert: Textile Restoration & Sonja Miremont: Conservation Framing


January 18  Show & Tell
March 15  Christine Laffer and Susan Hart Henegar: Process vs. Results
September 20  What is TWW’s future?
November 15  By-laws Changes Discussion & Vote


January 13  Show ‘n’ Tell: Ideas & Concepts in Tapestry and Other, in-progress and completed work
March 9  Joy May Hilden (Berkeley): Bedouin Textiles from Saudi Arabia
May 18  Sharron Evans: Computer Graphics/Design
September 14  Betty Hilton-Nash and Jackie Wollenberg: Mendocino Retreat
November 16  Martha Standley: Her Textile Work, Watsonville, CA


January 28  Joyce Hulbert: Textile Restoration
March 11  Cancelled due to storm damage
June 10  Exhibition Planning and Strategies
September 9  Vincent and Carolyn Carleton: Carleton Designs
November 18  Patryc Wiggins: The Mill Tapestry Project


January 22  Third Annual Speak-Out: Issues in Tapestry
March 4  International Travels and Tapestry Symposia
June 4  Thomasin Grim: Current Textile Work
September 17  Victor Jacoby: A Tapestry Journey
November 5  Deborah Corsini: Textile Designing at P&B Textiles, Burlingame


January 30 Second Annual Speak-Out: Where is Tapestry Headed?
March 27 Emily DuBois: Textile Artist (dyeing & complex weave structures)
July 10 Jonathan Hill: Bolivian Textile Connoisseur
August 14 American Contemporary Craft (ACC) Fair, Fort Mason, San Francisco
October 17 Ellen Athens and Victor Jacoby: Tapestry Artists


February 1 First Annual Speak-Out: Issues in Tapestry
March 21 Consuelo J. Underwood: Current Textile Work
May 16 Show ‘n’ Tell: Works in Progress, members’ present work
August 8 Susan Hart Henegar: Current Textile Work
Shelley Socolofsky: Current Textile Work
October 17 Carrie Lederer: Curator at the Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael CA


January 12 Sheila O’Hara: Current Textile Work
March 23 Presentations of Small Works
May 4 Jan Janeiro: Tapestry in a Post-modern World
August 10 Janet Moore: Shaped Weaving
October 19 The Future of TWW


January 27 Charles Talley: Overview of Tapestry, Scandinavia Tapestry
March 3 Micala Sidore: International Tapestry Symposium in Graz
May 19 Vera Grosowsky: Peruvian Textiles
August 11 American Contemporary Craft (ACC) Fair, Fort Mason, San Francisco
October 20 Public Commissions & Copyrights


January 14 Mickey Wach: Textile Conservation
March 11 Louise Allrich: Gallery issues at Allrich Gallery, San Francisco
May 6 Symposium Recap: “American Tapestry Weaving Since the 1930’s and Its European Roots”
August 12 American Contemporary Craft (ACC) Fair, Fort Mason, San Francisco
October 14 Constance Hunt: A Cartoon Odyssey


January 23 Sue Henegar: International Textile Fair ‘87 Kyoto and her latest work
April 9 Deann Rubin: Current Textile Work
June 25 International Tapestry Symposium Recap, Australia (May’88)
Sept 10 Stanley Derelian: Tapestry Restoration
Nov 19 Tapestry Horror Stories


January 10 Organizational Meeting
March 28 Joyce Hulbert: Dyeing
May:  Mark Adams: Recent Work
August:  American Contemporary Craft (ACC) Fair, Fort Mason, San Francisco
November:  Trudi Eldridge: A Personal Way to Critique


January 25  Organizational Meeting
May 3  Commission Work
August 23  General discussion
October 25  San Francisco Open Studios


October 13  Show & Tell: Tapestry artists of the Bay Area share and discuss new work